Electric Bicycles


Electric Assist Bicycles are still a novelty in many parts of the USA. KPIC, the local TV station, aired a short segment on our business, OReGONbike LLC, on 26May2016. Our phrase for this type of cycling: "Exercise when you Want it, and Electric when you Need it !" Our small city of Roseburg, in the beautiful Umpqua Valley is surrounded by hills. Several of the residential streets have grades of 20%, which is three times the grade of any Interstate highway ! So, cycling up the hills is very difficult with any mechanical bicycle. The electric assist enables we Baby Boomers with bad knees and a little overweight, to enjoy the fun and excitement of our youth; and get needed exercise at the same time. I commute to meetings in downtown Roseburg, cycle for errands and enjoy the scenery of the Umpqua River, parks and hills. I can cycle to some of the nearby wineries for tasting of World Class wines. Roseburg also has a good number of bike paths along the river, and bike lanes along many of the highways. Since my home is on top of a hill, I enjoy having the electric assist to get me home! There is an emerging entrepreneurial spirit in our small city called the Young Entrepreneurs Society (but we from the Silver Tsunami age group are also welcomed and included). The local Small Business Development Center offers tremendous help for new business startups, like ours. Roseburg has been transforming from a lumber town to a retirement destination. No Sales Tax! Low cost housing and land. So . . . there are many attractions to get me out of the house, off the sofa and "out & ebout" in my electric assist bicycle!

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