Umpqua Velo Cycling Club Weekly Road Bike Rides


All riders must agree to Share the Road with other users by riding safely, lawfully and courteously. Each participant must wear a helmet that meets CPSC requirements.

Your 1st ride with the club is free - become a member to enjoy the benefits of riding with a group and subsequent rides.

Winter bike Rides 2021 BIKE RIDE SCHEDULE

- 1st Sunday of the Month "Easy Does It" 1 PM, Effective April 12-15 mph; 25-35 miles, no drop, meet at Rays Foodplace in Green. Details on Facebook. Call or email Shelby for details. 541.817.3291

- Tuesday "Beginner" 6:00 PM, The "New To The Road" weekly ride starts from the Stewart Park Train on Tuesdays. This ride will be between 7 and 15 miles in duration, at a leisurely, easy pace, around 7 to 11 mph, depending on the group, and will be for those using cycling as training on the road. The activity will be tailored to fit the goals and needs of the group, working on pace, following, hand signals, gearing, hydration, computer use, using clipless pedals, rules of the road, etc. Call or email Larry Filosi for details. 541.671.1461

- Wednesday "Intermediate" 6 PM, Effective April 12-15 mph; 25-40 miles, no drop, 1st Wednesday of the Mounth: Round Table Pizza (Club Meeting) All the rest meet at My Coffee. Leader to be announced. Call or email Larry Filosi for details. 541.671.1461

- Saturday "Intermediate" 11 AM (Earlier start time in summer) , Effective April 30-45 miles, stop for lunch, no drop, meet at My Coffee. Call or email Larry Filosi for details. 541.671.1461

Second Saturday Ride: New routes/meeting places to be developed by Jessica and /or Richard. The rideis intended to explore many areas of Douglas County and will be of varying lenghts. First ride date TBA.

My Coffee - 1700 NW Garden Valley Blvd., Roseburg, Oregon

Rays Foodplace in Green - 4601 Carnes Rd, Roseburg, Oregon

See the Umpqua Velo Club Map My Ride group for some of our favorite bike rides.

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PDF Ride Leader Proposed Routes and Responsibilities

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